Date:              Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Time:              5:00 p.m.

Location:         Marvin Braude Constituent Center
                        Van Nuys, Conf. Room 1B

Present:          Oscar Winslow, President
                        Howard Fuchs, 1st Vice President
                        Josh Geller, 2nd Vice President
                        Garcelle Embry, Treasurer
                        Ann Rosenthal, Secretary
                        Marie McTeague, Civil Director
                        Patrick Hiscocks, Criminal Director
                        Karine Philips, Criminal Director
                        Syndi Driscoll, Proprietary Director (via phone)

Counsel:          David Mastagni


1. Bylaws

Proposed additional modifications to the Bylaws were provided to the Board Members and Members present in the audience. The Board Members will review the proposed modifications for future discussion.

2. Constant Contact Web Hosting

Constant Contact is through our Web host 911 media, and we pay an additional approx.. $ 350 / year for the service.
Motion: By Winslow: To cancel Constant Contact for the time being, since no blasts to the members are expected to be made during this year of no contract negotiations. Second: Hiscocks
In favor: Winslow, Fuchs, Geller, Embry, Rosenthal, Hiscocks, Philips Opposed: None
Abstain: None Motion passed.

3. City Attorney Hiring
There are currently 453 MOU 29 members. The Board is going to look into past position authorities and strategies for keeping the budget healthy for the future.

4. PAC / Lobbying Committee
Mayor's fund for Community Service initiatives. Would LACAA be limited in its contribution amount? The Board will put together a committee to research this.

5. Signatory authority for checking
Motion: By Fuchs: Geller to be added as a signatory for the LACAA financial institutions. Second: Philips
In favor: Winslow, Fuchs, Geller, Embry, Rosenthal, Hiscocks, Philips
Opposed: None
Abstain: Geller Motion passed.


As you know, our new MOU includes annual reimbursement for MCLE-related expenses. To ensure that you receive complete and timely reimbursement, we encourage you to follow the instructions contained in the MCLE protocol provided by City Attorney Management. You must complete and submit a reimbursement form in order to receive reimbursement.

You can reimburse expenses related to attending MCLE programs that are accepted by the California State Bar, even if the program takes place in another state. Eligible expenses include the cost of the program, travel, and per diems.

Please be judicious when choosing lodging and which food/drink expenses you submit for reimbursement.

The Board is pleased to announce that LACAA has retained the law firm of MASTAGNI, HOLSTEDT, AMICK, MILLER & JOHNSEN as General Counsel.

To sign up for the LACAA newsletter and email updates from Oscar Winslow,
LACAA's President, send a request to lacaapresident@gmail.com.