Meeting Date: October 4, 2002

Board Members Present: Shelley Smith (President), Liz Greenwood (Vice President - by proxy), Jule Bishop (Treasurer - by proxy), Judith Reel (Secretary), Eskel Solomon (Proprietary Director), Marsha Berkowitz (Civil Director)

I. New Business

A. Payroll Deductions

Board members learned that in one of the paychecks issued in September, some members unexpectedly had an increase in Association dues deducted. The problem was apparently corrected in the next and subsequent paychecks. The Board will make inquires to the Business Office and the Controller’s Office to determine whether there was an over-deduction of Association dues, and why, and will seek a retroactive correction of any amount improperly deducted.

II. Old Business

A. Status of UERP charges

Following the Board meeting of September, 2002, the Board, through its attorney, sent a letter to the City Attorney demanding recision of the City Attorney Policy Directives, Numbers 6 - 19. The City Attorney did not rescind, and accordingly the Board filed Unfair Labor Relations Practice ("UERP") Charges with the City’s EERB (DESCRIBE), alleging that the City Attorney failed to meet and confer with the Association prior to issuing the Directives, as required by law. After the City Attorney was served with Notice of the charges, he rescinded all of the Policy Directives, except for Directive No. 8, pertaining to escorting visitors in the hallway.

The Association is currently meeting and conferring with management regarding the Policy Directives, and is joined at the bargaining table by AFSCME, representing support staff, and the Los Angeles City Attorney Management Association.

B. Affiliation with a Larger Union

A Committee consisting of Shelley Smith, Judith Reel, Jule Bishop and Elise Ruden met with SEUI representatives to explore Association affiliation with SEIU. Following the meeting, SEIU submitted a proposed affiliation agreement. Many details in the agreement were left for future discussion, and the Committee will engage in discussions with SEIU.

C. Retroactive Pay Checks

Shelley Smith stated that she spoke to City Controller Laura Chick about the status of the retroactive pay checks. During the conversation, Ms. Chick explained that in order to process the checks, the Controller’s Office required persons who were proficient in COBAL, an antiquated computer language, and that there was only one person in her Office with the necessary expertise. Ms. Chick said that the checks should be issued early in November.


As you know, our new MOU includes annual reimbursement for MCLE-related expenses. To ensure that you receive complete and timely reimbursement, we encourage you to follow the instructions contained in the MCLE protocol provided by City Attorney Management. You must complete and submit a reimbursement form in order to receive reimbursement.

You can reimburse expenses related to attending MCLE programs that are accepted by the California State Bar, even if the program takes place in another state. Eligible expenses include the cost of the program, travel, and per diems.

Please be judicious when choosing lodging and which food/drink expenses you submit for reimbursement.

The Board is pleased to announce that LACAA has retained the law firm of MASTAGNI, HOLSTEDT, AMICK, MILLER & JOHNSEN as General Counsel.

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