Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Location: Ron Deaton Auditorium, L.A.P.D.
Present: Oscar Winslow (President), Howard M. Fuchs (1st Vice President), Mark Lambert (2nd Vice President), Juliann Anderson (Secretary), Marie McTeague (Civil Director), Garcelle Embry (Civil Director), Ann Rosenthal (Criminal Director), Patrick Hiscocks (Criminal Director), Nick Karno (Criminal Director), Lewis Levy (Attorney)

1. Discussion regarding action Board should take in response to SEIU’s recent participation in issuing unauthorized ballots to LACAA members.  This unauthorized action alone appears to constitute a material breach of the affiliation agreement.  The affiliation agreement may be terminated upon 90 days notice to the other party. 

2. The Board introduced Attorney Lewis Levy to the membership.  Mr. Levy generally discussed his impressions regarding our legal rights and remedies with respect to management’s unilateral change in the terms and conditions of our employment following the membership’s non-ratification of the LOA. 

3. UERP relating to the imposition of 26 furlough days in 2010-11 fiscal year --- LACAA has filed a motion to compel arbitration.

4. UERP relating to the imposition of 36 furlough days in 2011-12, capping of the retiree medical insurance subsidy and threats and intimidation during bargaining --- 14 days meeting is Monday, August 11th.

5. 7 hour / day schedule:  Management advised Board members that the schedule was never meant to be rigid, but Carter's most recent memos contradict that.  The Board continues to meet with management.  Supervisors have been told to differentiate between flex time and furloughs.  Memo regarding working 70 hours is being corrected to instruct members to work 68.5 hours.  All members must accurately reflect their time in the D-Time system.

Trutanich / Carter have been discussing technology upgrades and managed hiring.  They've assured the Board that full salaries of all employees will be restored first.

6. PAC Committee / Lobbying:  Lobbying committee will convene and discuss effective outreach efforts. 

7. LACAA has sent a letter to LACERS, requesting that it hire independent legal counsel to advise the board on the nature of the vested retiree health subsidy and whether Counsel’s recent actions to permanently freeze the subsidy for some LACERS members interferes with the Board’s fiduciary duty to administer that benefit.  Fire & Police Pension Board has already retained outside counsel to answer similar questions.  LACAA members are encouraged to attend LACERS Board meetings.

8. Volunteer Attorneys:  LACAA has a meet and confer scheduled with management regarding the effects the volunteers have on LACAA members.  

9. FLSA issues:  Lewis Levy is conducting further research on this issue, in light of the fact that management appears poised to strictly impose a 7-hour per day schedule on attorneys.

10. LACAA Finances:  Treasurer is not present to discuss.

Motion:  by McTeague:  For the immediate cessation of payments to SEIU in light of the fact that it has materially breached the affiliation agreement. 
Second: Fuchs
In favor: Winslow, Fuchs, Lambert, McTeague, Embry, Hiscocks, Rosenthal
Against: Anderson
Abstain: Karno




At its June 9 meeting, JLMBC awarded new contracts for health insurance providers. Anthem Blue Cross has been selected to replace Blue Shield as the exclusive provider for PPO, HMO Full and Narrow Network plans, and a new alternate regional network plan, "Vivity." Anthem anticipates minimal disruption of services for members who use UCLA and Cedars facilities. Kaiser Permanente is still available for alternate HMO health insurance coverage. For more information on how this may impact your options during Open Enrollment for 2017, contact the City's Employee Benefits Division: (213) 978-1655

LACAA congratulates Civil Director Marie McTeague on her well deserved retirement. Her brilliance, fierce advocacy for LACAA members, personal sacrifices and sense of justice have been the cornerstone of LACAA's success. We will truly miss her presence in the office (but still have her cell phone number).

The Board is pleased to announce that LACAA has retained the law firm of MASTAGNI, HOLSTEDT, AMICK, MILLER & JOHNSEN as General Counsel.