Date:              Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time:              12:00 p.m.

Location:         Press Conference Room
                       8th Floor CHE

Present:          Oscar Winslow, President
                        Josh Geller, 2nd Vice President
                        Garcelle Embry, Treasurer
                        Ann Rosenthal, Secretary
                        Marie McTeague, Civil Director
                        Syndi Driscoll, Proprietary Director
                        Patrick Hiscocks, Criminal Director
                        Karine Philips, Criminal Director
                        Matt Schonbrun, Criminal Director


1. Political Contributions

Mayor race.

Motion: By Winslow. Contribute the maximum to the Mayor's political fund, believed to be $1,400. Second: Geller.
In favor:
Opposed: None
Abstention: None

Discussion was had regarding interpretation of the Bylaws, and

2. Employee-Member representation issues.

LACAA, the full Board, needs to be notified regarding representation in employee issues.

Winslow has asked the Office to let us know how many grievances we have, but they are not doing that. An e-mail has been sent to Cristina Sarabia and her associates, but they have not been providing information. We need to set up a system to be notified periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Dennis represented a Member, and spoke with Mastagni's Office about it. For the interview, Dennis purchased a digital recorder to record grievance interviews and meetings. This device will be made available for all Board Members.

Motion: By McTeague to approve the expenditure of $119.87 to reimburse Dennis for purchase of digital recorder that will be available for grievance representations. Second: Hiscocks
In favor: McTeague, Hiscocks, Embry, Schonbrun, Philips, Rosenthal
Opposed: Winslow, Geller


At its June 9 meeting, JLMBC awarded new contracts for health insurance providers. Anthem Blue Cross has been selected to replace Blue Shield as the exclusive provider for PPO, HMO Full and Narrow Network plans, and a new alternate regional network plan, "Vivity." Anthem anticipates minimal disruption of services for members who use UCLA and Cedars facilities. Kaiser Permanente is still available for alternate HMO health insurance coverage. For more information on how this may impact your options during Open Enrollment for 2017, contact the City's Employee Benefits Division: (213) 978-1655

LACAA congratulates Civil Director Marie McTeague on her well deserved retirement. Her brilliance, fierce advocacy for LACAA members, personal sacrifices and sense of justice have been the cornerstone of LACAA's success. We will truly miss her presence in the office (but still have her cell phone number).

The Board is pleased to announce that LACAA has retained the law firm of MASTAGNI, HOLSTEDT, AMICK, MILLER & JOHNSEN as General Counsel.