Negotiation Update
Tentative Agreement Reached [10/19/07 version]
Los Angeles City Attorneys’ Association
LACAA affiliated with SEIU - MOU No. 29

The Coalition of City Unions and the City of Los Angeles have reached a tentative agreement on an economic framework which will affect about 22,000 civilian employees including the 500 attorneys represented by LACAA.  Additionally, LACAA and the City have agreed to additional changes in the current MOU.  Here is a summary of the economic framework with respective effective dates:


  • 7/1/07:  2% across the board raise
  • 1/1/08:  2% across the board raise
  • 7/1/08:  3% across the board raise
  • 7/1/09:  3% across the board raise
  • 1/1/10:  Special Salary Note*—any employee at top step for at least 12 months will receive an additional 2.75% added to their base pay.
  • 7/1/10:  2.25% across the board raise
  • 1/1/11:  Special Salary Note*---any employee at top step for at least 24 months will receive an additional 2.75% added to their base pay.
  • 7/1/11:  2.25% across the board raise
  • 1/1/12:  Special Salary Note*---any employee at top step for at least 36 months will receive an additional 2.75% added to their base pay.

*The special salary notes are cumulative and will become a permanent feature of the compensation package.

Note:  With the effects of compounding, the above schedule of raises and salary notes represents a 25.2% increase in compensation over the 5 year term.  There will also be provisions for a salary re-opener to negotiate additional salary increases for the 2011 and 2012 fiscal years IF City revenues exceed 3% of projections for the prior fiscal year.


  • The Coalition and City will establish a joint committee to achieve costs savings.  If the parties achieve $25 million in cost savings over the next four years, the City will add $115 per month to each employee’s flex spending account.  This can be used to purchase additional benefits or convert to deferred comp or cash.

Besides the Coalition negotiated economic framework, the following changes will be added to the LACCA MOU:

  • Steps F and G for the Deputy City Attorney III, Deputy City Attorney IV and Assistant City Attorney will become automatic effective 1/1/10. [i.e., the wall between E and the remaining steps will be removed]
  • The differential between Steps E and F and between F and G will be standardized at 2.75% between each respective step at each grade level.
  • The wait period for advancement from Deputy City Attorney II to Deputy City Attorney III will be reduced from 3 years to 1 year, effective 1/1/08.
  • Protections against involuntary transfers will be incorporated into the MOU.
  • The current side letter on career advancement will be reaffirmed and incorporated into the new MOU.
  • The Office and LACAA will establish a joint committee to make recommendations on facilitating telecommuting and remote access issues.
  • All other provisions in the current MOU will remain unchanged including the current practice of indexing the insurance subsidy to increases in the Kaiser Plan rates.




At its June 9 meeting, JLMBC awarded new contracts for health insurance providers. Anthem Blue Cross has been selected to replace Blue Shield as the exclusive provider for PPO, HMO Full and Narrow Network plans, and a new alternate regional network plan, "Vivity." Anthem anticipates minimal disruption of services for members who use UCLA and Cedars facilities. Kaiser Permanente is still available for alternate HMO health insurance coverage. For more information on how this may impact your options during Open Enrollment for 2017, contact the City's Employee Benefits Division: (213) 978-1655

LACAA congratulates Civil Director Marie McTeague on her well deserved retirement. Her brilliance, fierce advocacy for LACAA members, personal sacrifices and sense of justice have been the cornerstone of LACAA's success. We will truly miss her presence in the office (but still have her cell phone number).

The Board is pleased to announce that LACAA has retained the law firm of MASTAGNI, HOLSTEDT, AMICK, MILLER & JOHNSEN as General Counsel.