(Minutes not formally adopted until next meeting)

Meeting Date: September 7, 2004

Board Members Present: Shelley Smith (President), Mary Dennis (Vice-President), Judith Reel (Secretary), Marsha Berkowitz (Civil Director), Lisa Berger (Proprietary Director), Terri Siegel (Criminal Director)

SEIU Local 347 Representative Present: Bob Hunt (General Counsel)

I. Old Business

A. MOU Update

Board members on the MOU bargaining team and City management continue to meet to discuss ways to ensure career advancement and transfer opportunities for attorneys intending to have a career in the Office; the Board encouraged members of the negotiating team to continue efforts to build a better relationship with management. In the meantime, SEIU, Local 347, agreed to a successor MOU for many of its units. The agreement includes continued increases in the health care subsidy at the rate imposed by Kaiser Permanente, and a 6 1/4% cost of living increase over the next three years, as follows: zero percent the first year of the contract; two percent on July 1, 2005, 2 percent on July 1, 2006, and 2 1/4 percent on January 1, 2007.

II. New Business

A. Deferred Compensation

Great West Retirement Services administers the City= s Deferred Compensation Program. The Great West contract with the City was scheduled to terminate, and both Great West and Nationwide submitted bids to administer the program. The City staff and an independent consultant both recommended that the City accept Great West= s bid. On August 17, 2004, the Board of Deferred Compensation, in a 4 to 2 decision, voted to accept Nationwide= s bid. Shelley Smith, by virtue of serving as President of LACERS, sits on the Deferred Comp Board and was one of the two Board members voting in favor of Great West.

Nationwide= s services will cost plan participants more than did Great West= s. In light of the increased costs and many members= satisfaction with Great West= s administration, many Program participants raised objections with Council members about the selection of Nationwide. SEIU, Local 347, objected, and Shelley Smith and the General Manager of the City= s Personnel Department, sent a lengthy letter to Councilmembers explaining their opposition to the selection of Nationwide. Shelley, SEIU, Local 347, and many others urged the City Council to assert jurisdiction over the Board= s decision.

The votes of ten Councilmembers were needed to assert jurisdiction over the decision to select Nationwide, and on September 14, 2004, the City Council voted ten to zero to assert jurisdiction. On September 29, 2004, the City Council Personnel Committee will hear the matter, after which it will return to the Council for a decision. The Council cannot order the Board of Deferred Compensation to reverse its decision, but it can require the Board to reconsider.

Association members are encouraged to express their opinions regarding the selection of Nationwide to serve as Plan Administrator. Anyone desiring an update re: future Council and Committee actions in this matter should contact Board Secretary Judith Reel, who will send updates.

B. Political Participation

SEIU, Local 347, offers members a variety of ways in which to participate in City and Statewide politics; any members desiring to learn more about such opportunities should contact SEIU, Local 347, political director Teresa Sanchez at (213) 482-6660.

SEIU, Local 347, General Manager Julie Butcher briefed the Board on Union efforts to promote Proposition 1A (Local Government Financing Initiative) and Proposition O (bond measure for Clean Water Bonds for Bay storm water clean-up), both of which are thought to be vital to the City= s fiscal health.

C. Board Elections

The Board authorized the sending of a notice concerning the nomination and election process for City Attorney Board positions. A notice will be sent to all members. The Board seats up for reelection are Vice President, Treasurer, Civil Director and two Criminal Director positions. Please understand that this is a separate election from the election for the SEIU Board of Directors.


Note: these minutes include reference to subsequent events.


At its June 9 meeting, JLMBC awarded new contracts for health insurance providers. Anthem Blue Cross has been selected to replace Blue Shield as the exclusive provider for PPO, HMO Full and Narrow Network plans, and a new alternate regional network plan, "Vivity." Anthem anticipates minimal disruption of services for members who use UCLA and Cedars facilities. Kaiser Permanente is still available for alternate HMO health insurance coverage. For more information on how this may impact your options during Open Enrollment for 2017, contact the City's Employee Benefits Division: (213) 978-1655

LACAA congratulates Civil Director Marie McTeague on her well deserved retirement. Her brilliance, fierce advocacy for LACAA members, personal sacrifices and sense of justice have been the cornerstone of LACAA's success. We will truly miss her presence in the office (but still have her cell phone number).

The Board is pleased to announce that LACAA has retained the law firm of MASTAGNI, HOLSTEDT, AMICK, MILLER & JOHNSEN as General Counsel.